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We are confident that our membership generator will work well for all users. But we do acknowledge some of the minor issues people can run into that stall any activity. It is usually something simple that gets solved with a simple pointer from us. In this case, we would suggest to contact us with the contact details provided.

We also encourage anyone to give us a shout over anything. If it’s something that catches our eye we will be sure to send a reply. Improving is something we are always looking to do here at all times. So friendly suggestions for how we can improve our service are most welcome here.

A 72 hour window is what we usually reply within. Unless there is severe traffic and many queries, we will honor that time frame. When it comes to support, we will always reply no matter what to make sure we solve your issue. But we do also have an FAQ page to head over to which may solve your problem faster than waiting for an email. It provides plenty of answers to common questions we get from other users. It is tailor made for people like you who visit this page seeking some help.

In the best scenario you won’t be needing to contact us, but it’s good to be of service and available! So we hope we are of use to you and that our support team fulfills all the needs you have. Our priority is for you to keep enjoying using the tool.

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